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Reno, NV, USA


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It's a 1999 approx 155k. 3000hrs. TM. WhiteMagic Pro. 240Heat. 5.6Blower. Leather.CC.CRepairs.window Cleaning. Cleaners.PW Gun.Ladders. Almost New Engine. Only 30K on Engine. Needs Tm Clutch.New Tires 2. 350VortecEngine. And mIsc Tools Water and Mold. Tom Athey must Sell $7500.00

Proto Meter and Viking Water Probe 2 Upholstrey Extraction Tools. And Repair Kits, extra leaf springs on the back of the van.

Carpet Cleaning Groomer Hose Cleaner Carpet Repair Knifes Row Cutters nails Hammer All are in ToolBoxs Towels GlueGun Window Cleaning Squeeges Rubbers and extra Clips and Scrubbers Tool Belts Extension Cords Surge Protectors Buckets Many extra Valves Fire Extinguisher Approx 30 Chems Carpet Wand 1 Big Toolbox wth Drywall Tools PowerWashing Gun 2 HydroForces ScotchGuard
Truckmount only has 3000Hrs

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