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Rotovac Carpet and Tile Cleaning Equipment


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am selling the following professional ROTOVAC carpet and tile and grout cleaning equipment.
This equipment is in excellent condition and has only been used 1X!! The tile and grout machine has never been used. I am asking for $4500, which includes shipping and handling fees.
The package includes:
Ranger and Ranger CFX 1200 psi extractors
360i mechanical cleaner
Tile and Grout machine
Cleaning supplies
All hoses and tubes

If you are just starting your own carpet cleaning business, you might be interested in also buying the website for the business I had. It is good for 5 YEARS!! It is a professionally made webite with videos on numerous pages and plenty of information.
You can see it at

If you're interested in the equipment and/or website, please call Max at 747-888-7946 or Victoria at 747-888-7999. You can also email me at

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