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2008 Chevrolet Express with Boxxer 421


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The van is a 2008 Chevrolet Express 2500 with 78, xxx miles on it. It is in good shape except for one dent on the lower passenger door and a small ding on the rear cargo door. It has the 4.8 liter v8 that has been properly serviced since day one. The truck mount was installed in 2009 and it is a Boxxer 421 with the upgraded 70 gallon molded water tank and the 100 gallon waste tank.(specs posted below) The machine was serviced properly and had its oil changed on time always. The floor and half of the walls have been sprayed with line x to stop any rust or corrosion. You can jump in this van today and start cleaning. Comes with a 6 jet Evolution wand 200 feet of solution line and vacuum hose and a hydroforce pre sprayer.
The pictures at the bottom are not dolled up photos but photos of how this van was required to look on a day by day basis. we are asking $28,500
Contact Garrett Webb at gwebbelite@gmail.com

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